What Is Seasonal Depression? Strategies to cope with seasonal depression.

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Three Symptoms of ADHD You Didn’t Know About

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How to Create a Mental Health Routine

Experiencing mental well-being is a result of the practices we are regularly involved in. Here are a few ideas to help you create a mental health routine. You deserve to take time to nurture your mental health and take care of yourself.

How to Beat Imposter Syndrome: Ignoring the Naysayers in Your Brain

Feeling like a fraud even after working hard for your accomplishments? You are not alone. Learn how to beat imposter syndrome and find fulfillment in your achievements, talents, and skills.

How to Save Your Academic Career During a Mental Health Crisis

3 out of 5 students struggle with mental illness. If you have experienced a severe mental health problem, you may qualify for a medical withdrawal.

What to Do in a Crisis: How the 988 Lifeline Saves Lives

Suicide is the leading cause of death among youth ages 10–24. It is a public health issue that negatively impacts our communities, families, and friends. But suicide is preventable, and many resources are available to help you or someone you love through difficult times. Text or call 988 to speak with a counselor.

How to Access Mental Health Services Without Insurance

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance is often the best option for funding therapy. However, the cost is still a concern for many people.

Supporting BIPOC Mental Health and Well-Being

Peer support

Mental health does not discriminate, but BIPOC communities always experience discrimination and racism. According to Mental Health America, 6.8 million African Americans, 8.9 million Latinx/Hispanic Americans, 2.2 million Asian Americans, and 830,000 Indigenous people have mental health conditions.

Breaking Barriers: Supporting & Advocating for Minority Mental Health

Unfortunately, minority groups in the U.S. still experience systemic racism, discrimination, income inequality, limited access to mental health treatment, poverty, cultural stigma, violence, homelessness, and lack of affordable health resources at disproportionately higher rates (in comparison to their Caucasian fellow citizens).

Amplify Mental Health during May and Beyond

Recognizing mental health during May is an essential step towards progress, and building a world where mental health conversations are normalized. For many, experiencing mental health conditions is a lifelong journey, so we cannot only discuss it during May.

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