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Our programs give students the tools to feel better mentally and graduate.

We provide consulting, workshops, training and curriculum to equip students with mental and emotional tools for academic success.

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Professional Speakers

Workshops & Training


Evaluation Instruments & Software Platform

Professional Speakers

Virtual or in-person

Our speakers draw from personal experience and professional training to share tools for identifying and coping with mental health challenges. They cover a range of topics, including stigma, mood disorders, suicide ideation, trauma, eating disorders, grief, mindfulness, faith-based and cultural perspectives on mental health, and addictive behaviors. Their stories of hope and resilience create a safe space for mental health conversations and empower participants with productive coping skills.

Speakers are available for:

– Keynote Presentations

– Panel Discussions

– Q&A Sessions

– Book Signings

– and much more!


We help campuses move from crisis-based responses to preventative initiatives through a four-phase process.

Phase 1 – Evaluation: We identify the specific needs of your students and staff, locate areas for improvement, and evaluate your support services and current offerings.

Phase 2 – Actionable Plan: We work with you to set actionable goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Whether you want to increase engagement, retention, or persistence, it starts with a plan.

Phase 3 – Measuring Progress: Our professionals evaluate your programming and systems to maximize efforts in supporting student/staff mental health and well-being on campus and in the community.

Phase 4 – Ongoing Support: We offer guidance and ongoing planning and implementation support from our team to promote mental health and well-being on campus.

Workshops & Training

Virtual or in-person

Our workshops and training are best for students, faculty, staff, and community members in schools or organizations. These workshops empower participants with tools to support others, and themselves and connect them with local and national resources. *ideal for small groups, pre- or post-conference offerings, summits/conferences, or staff training.

Featured Workshops & Training:

– (QPR) Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention + Safety Planning Training

– (ASIST) Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

– Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

– You Are Not Alone: The Impact of Peer-to-Peer Support on Mental Wellness

– Faith and Mental Health: Exploring the Connection and Promoting Well-Being

– Beating Burnout: Strategies for Staying Productive and Healthy

– Stress Less: Developing Positive Coping Skills

Evaluation Services

We use psychometric assessments and tools to identify what students need before, during, and after our programs.

We look at things like how much students know about mental health, how likely they are to ask for help, and how they take care of their overall health. This helps us gather important information to customize programs and help our clients achieve their goals.


Tasks may include:

– Development/modification of appropriate evaluation instruments

– Administration of platform for pretest

– Data disaggregation and analysis from the pretest

– Data disaggregation and analysis report from the pretest

– Administration of platform post-test

– Data disaggregation and analysis from posttest

– Data disaggregation and analysis team discussion

– Data disaggregation and analysis report from post-test

– Summary data disaggregation and analysis from pre and post-test

– Summary report with recommendations for further use/action

– and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, speaking topics include stigma, resiliency, peer support, safety planning, wellness, vulnerability, cultural stigma, suicide prevention, coping, self-care, faith, religion, and spirituality, anxiety, eating disorders, athletes, depression, substance use, life transitions, recovery, and more!*


*Some of our workshops are available in Spanish. Please contact Speaks 2 Inspire for a formal quote by filling out a request form.

Yes! Our team handles (almost) everything on the planning end of things—from creating marketing materials to travel logistics and providing support on the day of the event—freeing you to choose a venue and promote to your students.
No, our inclusive pricing takes care of all travel logistics, so that you don’t have to worry.

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