Unlearn The Lies About Mental Health podcast!

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Unlearn The Lies About Mental Health

Bestselling author and advocate, Abraham Sculley, talks to brave individuals who are open to sharing their stories and experts who make complex topics easier to understand.

While listening to this show, you may cry, laugh, smile, or think: “I thought I was the only one.” Tune in for an adventure worth pursuing and join the movement of eradicating mental health stigma and supporting the well-being of young adults.

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Abraham Sculley

Founder and CEO | he/him
Abraham is a mental health advocate, best-selling author, podcaster, and storyteller. He is also the founder and CEO of Speaks 2 Inspire, the mental health solution for young adults suffering in silence. His personal struggles with depression in college inspired him to use his platform to spread mental health awareness. Abraham’s passion for eradicating stigma and helping young adults like him feel validated and supported drives our company’s efforts and commitment to a world free of mental health stigma.
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