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The premier consulting agency dedicated to improving the mental health of young adults.


of college students living with mental health conditions dropped out of college due to mental-health-related reasons


of college students have untreated mental health issues, partially due to the stigma surrounding mental illness

What do we do?

We give students the tools to thrive mentally so they can stay in school and graduate.

Featured Workshops

Our speakers draw from personal experience and professional training to share tools for identifying and coping with mental health challenges. They cover a range of topics, including stigma, mood disorders, suicide ideation, trauma, eating disorders, grief, mindfulness, faith-based and cultural perspectives on mental health, and addictive behaviors. Their stories of hope and resilience create a safe space for mental health conversations and empower participants with productive coping skills.


Our expert team collaborates with you to develop strategic mental health plans that leverage existing resources, infrastructure, and policies. Our program enhances the well-being of staff and youth by helping students manage stress, connect with resources, raise awareness, and utilize clinical and non-clinical services. Through our four-phase framework, we guide institutions in transitioning from crisis-based responses to proactive preventative initiatives.

A few words from our clients.

Check out our upcoming events.

July 11 - Deliverance Tabernacle
Vision Conference 2023: Youth Mental Health Awareness
Aug. 1 - Escambia County Public Schools
This workshop will provide district staff with a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of burnout and how to prevent burnout.
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Dr. Jane H.
Dr. Jane H.
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"I would enthusiastically endorse Speaks 2 Inspire to assist organizations in promoting resilience and well-being."
Tanya B.
Tanya B.
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"I believe after listening to Abraham audience members are compelled to take action for their mental health and support others."
Gayle V.
Gayle V.
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"He was a thoughtful, energetic, witty, knowledgeable and was extremely engaging."