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The premier consulting agency dedicated to improving the mental health of young adults.


of college students living with mental health conditions dropped out of college due to mental-health-related reasons

What do we do?

We work with universities and youth-serving organizations to promote young adult well-being by offering expert advice, guidance, and actionable solutions.


of college students have untreated mental health issues, partially due to the stigma surrounding mental illness

Professional Speakers

Our speakers draw from personal experience and professional training to share tools for identifying and coping with mental health challenges. They cover a range of topics, including stigma, mood disorders, suicide ideation, trauma, eating disorders, grief, mindfulness, faith-based and cultural perspectives on mental health, and addictive behaviors. Their stories of hope and resilience create a safe space for mental health conversations and empower participants with productive coping skills.


Our team of experts offers actionable solutions to educational institutions and youth-serving organizations to enhance the well-being of young adults. We help campuses move from crisis-based responses to preventative initiatives through a four-phase process. We also equip faculty and staff with non-clinical intervention methods to identify students at risk and prioritize their mental health and well-being.

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