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"He was beyond engaged with the students... Any school would be lucky to host him."
Jozy G.
Indiana Tech

Why aren't your students seeking help?

Stigma, Limited Resources, and a Lack of Customized Support


Hiring more licensed counselors won’t solve the problem.


Men with poor mental health were five times more likely to drop out.



College students have untreated mental health issues, partially due to the stigma.


Our Solution for You.

Our engaging presentations have positively impacted students with over 350 presentations and an 80% increase in openness to receive help.

Ready to inspire your students?

We consistently deliver, leading to an 85% increase in mental health self-awareness among students.

Insightful and eye-opening. It was nice hearing what I feel from someone else.” – Student

“Sessions like these help reassure you that it is okay to reach out for help and accept that you may need to invest more time in taking care of your mental health.” – Student

"It has been a delight to work with Abraham in the past year."
Roxanna R.
Santa Fe College

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97% of students found this session valuable. Your students will feel safe to discuss mental health and share their needs.

“Personally, this has motivated me to try to speak out to someone because the pain hurts. I don’t want to hurt anymore. Today has been very helpful and uplifting.” – Student

"I would enthusiastically endorse Speaks 2 Inspire to assist organizations in promoting resilience and well-being."
Dr. Jane H.
University of West Florida

Abraham Sculley, Founder

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